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We are a small firm of business practise. We pride ourselves in catering to the needs of the clients to make you feel at ease.
Our Accounting services, business advisory and support services are spread across a wide range of businesses and individuals.

Manis Accountants are professionals who provide a cost-effective, high value solution to meet all of your financial needs. We take the time to understand and support the requirements of your business for you to be successful.


We work on projects to the best of our ability to deliver the superior results. We will communicate with you at every stage to ensure transparency. That’s why our existing clients trust us and you will too.

We are a friendly team who value in growing with our clients, on being open to the best possible technology and practices. We work in partnership towards expanding the knowledge of your sector.

Our proactive staff our approachable and could be reached promptly. They will ensure to respond to your request with a practical solution without any delay.

Our services

Care Home Accounting

A specialist Care home accountant is uniquely place to understand the care home sector. If you are a care home owner, a corporate group or an investor, Buyacarehome can put you in touch with a specialist care home accountant. An accountant who specialises in dealing with care homes understands the challenges faced in the care […]


In treasury management, a payroll is the list of employees of some company that is entitled to receive payments as well as other work benefits and the amounts that each should receive.Along with the amounts that each employee should receive for time worked or tasks performed, payroll can also refer to a company’s records of […]


Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business and other organisations. It involves preparing source documents for all transactions, operations, and other events of a business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation. There are several standard methods of […]